The idea of creating this album of images of Teius through the ages came from the wish to restore to the readers some aspects of the past of our town, which implies cultural, spiritual and emotional aspects.
Knowing the real facts of the history of a community is a concern of modern civilization, having scientific and civic implications. This is a bridge over time by which the past meets the present so as to better foreshadow the future.
The album wants to bring to our memory and keep alive images of a remote past as well as images of a more recent period. This is why I included images from between 1860 and the present. There are images that passed before the eyes of our grandparents and parents, and also images that we can find around us, because Teiuş is a town where the past and the present join together everywhere.
We have a duty towards our ancestors to tell the world about their deeds, their traditions and their cultural values. Starting from this belief, we gathered in the pages of this work a lot of documentary information, which may be used as important reference marks by present-day people.
The work is made up of two sections: a short history of the town and representative images for the past and the present of Teiuş town.
The album is intended for those who were born in Teiuş or live there, as well as for those who will pass through the town. Thus the readers will be able to get a comprehensive image of our town. So as the work may also be accessible to those who do not speak Romanian, it was translated into other five languages.
I would like to thank all the people who have helped me, and especially my mother Aurelia Cristea, my wife Anca-Maria Bota, Reader Horia Ciugudean, Ph.D., Mr. Daniel Tiutiu and Mrs. Cornelia Bodea.
I also give thanks to the Mayor, Mr. Dorin Iacob Mateica, to Penny Market and to the Rodica and Ioan Vlad family, from Canada.

Teiuş, 24th June 2009

Cristian Florin BOTA